The Science Behind the 3X Method

In this section I wanted to briefly cover the science behind the 3X Method and why it works. If you honestly don’t care and you’re willing to just take me at my word that this does, in fact, work…you can feel free to skip this section.

If not (or if you’re a health/fitness geek like me and you just want more information) then by all means read on…

Successful fat loss and body transformation depends on three things: intensity, variety and frequency.  It does not hinge on long-boring cardio that your body is going to become desensitized to very quickly but rather strength training combined with circuit or anaerobic training.

Intensity is defined as the amount of force that is required to achieve the desired result. Specifically, here it is referring to the amount of resistance you will be putting your muscles under. 

Variety is referring to the number of muscles you’re working through the number of exercises as well as sets and reps during each session. 

Frequency is referring to how often you will be doing these workouts for maximizing fat loss and functional muscle development. 

This isn’t just about burning fat, though that is a part of it.

I am going to make sure that you’re physically capable of handling whatever life throws at you. Life is too short to live with aches and pains.

I’m not kidding when I say that you’re going to be shocked at how much energy you’re going to have as you go through this program.

Right Intensity, Right Movements, Right Frequency = Maximum Results

The 3X Method has found great success in identifying the right movement combinations at the right intensity and at the right frequency allowing you to train in a minimal amount of time with maximum results. 

The movements emphasized in the 3X Method triangulate optimal muscle growth and fat burn through a hybrid of strength, circuit and anaerobic training.

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