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Learn the fat-burning 3X Method to burn more calories in minutes than hours of cardio…

Alright, now that you’re familiar with the 3X principles and rules, let’s get down to business and get you familiar with the workouts.

If you’re an absolute beginner or if you haven’t been active for quite a while, know that these workouts WILL make you sore. There’s just no avoiding it.

Also, you may find that Phase I is a little more than you want to “bite off” this early in the game, so we have a Beginner Fast Start Program that will get you ready for Phase I

I still encourage you to start out with Phase I as instructed, but if you find it too difficult in the beginning feel free to decrease repetitions/weight make adjustments so that the exercise does not cause you to over strain.

These workouts are meant to give you a good workout so they should be tough and get you sweating, but they’re not meant to cause you to throw up or anything like that. 

Push Yourself… intelligently

Another thing that I want to mention is that in the beginning that you may find it tough to complete the number of repetitions per set that I have directed in the workouts.

Don’t let this discourage you, the number of reps are meant to be goals, but try to get as close to the number as you can and you’ll be surprised how quickly you could actually do more. 

The key is to push yourself to YOUR limit. Once you’ve done that, you can stop. If you didn’t hit the rep goal, that’s ok. 

Just make sure you can look yourself in the mirror afterwards and honestly say you pushed yourself.

Also, it’s possible that you may get a few weeks into the routines and find out that your body is responding really well and you can up the intensity level and exertion on your part.

One thing is for sure, you’re going to get good at reading and knowing when you can push yourself harder and adjust the intensity. 

If you find that even after you up the intensity that you’re still flying through the workouts with relative ease, don’t worry about it.

I have provided you with optional movements to throw into the routine that will “up the ante” so to speak and help you fully maximize your workouts. 

I highly recommend getting a timer to have with you whenever you do these workouts so you know exactly where you are and how hard you need to push.

Whatever you do don’t go crazy and push yourself harder than you should in the beginning. I’m all about pushing the envelope, but stick to the program and you will reap the fruits of your labor. 

Also, I realize that the tendency is to think that more is better when it comes to working out, but when it’s done right less is actually more (and you will see what I mean soon enough).

I just ask that you trust me, and I promise we’ll get there before you even realize it.

How To Read the Workout Charts

Here’s how this works:

You’re going to do set “A” 3 times before you move on to set B. 

So for the sake of clarity you will do your first set of A and then rest for 30 seconds, then the second and rest thirty and then you will do it again one last time

After you complete all 3 sets of A, you will then move onto to B, and then C. 

I realize this may be obvious to you, but I want to make sure that I’ve explained it fully so there’s no confusion whatsoever.

This is how you’re going to do all the workouts in Phase I, Phase II will be done differently to change it up, shock your muscles and take you to the next level.

NOTE: The workout descriptions for each movement are included later on in this manual, so don’t be concerned if you don’t know how to do these different movements just by looking at the workout charts on the next page.

These workout charts have been created in this way so that you can easily print them out and take them with you to the gym, office, or wherever you choose to work out…

Download the Book

Learn the fat-burning 3X Method to burn more calories in minutes than hours of cardio…