Top 10 Fitness Apps In 2021

Technology has entered pretty much every arena of our lives. 

Some lament this fact, some embrace it. 

But, no matter where you find yourself on that spectrum, it’s hard to deny that there are definitely some areas of life where technology does its intended job, you know, enhance

Fitness is definitely one of those areas! 

From customized workouts at the tip of your fingers to convenience in tracking nutrition, from personal coaching to keeping your mental fitness in check, technology delivers

And, below you’ll find the top apps that are delivering in all those ways and more!


1. My Fitness Pal

The My Fitness Pal app allows you to address multiple areas of fitness, and at least for the basic version, it’s completely free. 

Trying to get your nutrition in check? The app has a massive database of foods, more than 6 million foods to be exact, detailing all aspects of their nutritional value (or lack thereof). 

Want community? The app allows you to connect with other users to provide support on your journey to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Need workout suggestions? More than 350 cardio and strength training workouts are included in the app. 

My Fitness Pal easily connects with other apps and devices as well, allowing you to pull in most, if not all, aspects of your health that you are monitoring into one space. 

From calories tracked to workouts planned, from journaling (which the experts say contributes to success might I add) to cross app integration, My Fitness Pal has topped most of the charts for a very long while for a very good reason. 

And, while premium features (like detailed macronutrient tracking, greater customization, and an absence of ads) do come at a cost, users say two things: first, if you want the extra features, the cost is worth it, and second, if you’re looking only for free apps, the paid-for features here are hardly missed as the app offers so very much in the free version. 

2. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Sometimes you don’t want to go it alone. Sometimes you’d like to have a coach but don’t have the time or even funds to get an actual, in person, coach. 

The PEAR Fitness app offers “real human coaching,” offering an interactive coaching experience from world-renowned athletes and champions. 

To get unlimited access to the app’s workout library will cost you $5.99 per month, but this subscription connects you with hundreds of workouts including: running, yoga, strength training, elliptical, cycling, HIIT workouts, and more. 

The workouts are designed for all fitness levels and body types and can be done anywhere and anytime. 

One drawback would be that if you’re seeking nutritional tracking as well, PEAR comes up short, only focusing on exercise. 

But, what the app lacks in nutritional tracking offerings, it makes up for in workout programs (which adapt to your performance by the way, alerting you when you need to slow down, speed up, or push harder to get the most out of each workout). 

Some liken the app to having a trainer right in your pocket. 

3. Sworkit

The world of fitness apps, and watches, and trainers, and gadgets, and on, and on, and on can be a bit overwhelming!

Sworkit users love this app for its ease, flexible nature, and ability to integrate with other apps. 

It does require a subscription fee for full access to all workouts and content after a trial period, but such access will allow you to customize your workouts based on your goals, your fitness level (a big plus for beginners), and the time you have to workout each day. 

The app is designed for both beginners and those who are looking to supplement their current fitness routines. 

An added bonus for parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, and well, anyone who has children in their life in some way: Sworkit offers a whole library of workouts for kids…for free!! How cool is that?!

One drawback of the app is that it does not offer any way to track nutrition.

4. 7 Minute Workout Challenge App

For everyone who struggles to find time to workout…”there’s an app for that.”

No, really, there’s truly an app for that, the 7 Minute Workout Challenge App. 

Offering research backed workouts designed for those who live busy lives, the app provides “12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes but achieve the equivalent of an hour’s workout.” 

With a HIIT mindset, the workouts require that you push yourself and give it your all for those 7 minutes. 

While the app doesn’t focus on nutritional tracking or needs, and it does require a subscription for full access, users will have workout demonstrations, a results tracker, and exercises geared to boost metabolism in short workouts to keep your body burning fat throughout the rest of the day. 

5. Workout Trainer

Offering performance analysis, workouts that are explained in step-by-step instructions (visually), and recommendations for training, The Workout Trainer app is a favorite amongst both beginners and seasoned gym-goers. 

The Workout Trainer app offers customized workouts according to your specific goals and fitness level.

And, as research suggests there is great benefit in numbers when it comes to fitness, the app boasts a 20+ million member community to help users connect and stay motivated. 

The app is free, but a subscription offers advanced heart rate analysis features as well as multiple extras from workout access, to full training programs, and forums as well as the ability to hire one-on-one trainers. 

6. Fooducate

If you’ve got the workout portion of health and fitness down but could use support and or direction when it comes to your nutritional needs, the Fooducate app is a great resource.

Like some other apps that have a focus on nutrition, Fooducate offers a barcode scanner for packaged foods, but with Fooducate’s goal of nutrition education, this scanner actually “grades” foods for users. 

The food grading system in the app helps to educate users on the nutritional qualities of foods and how they will ultimately benefit the body (or not) and contribute to or hinder both your wellness and your personal fitness goals. 

The app provides support with a community of users and gives nutrition tips as well as healthy recipes to incorporate into your nutrition plan. 


JEFIT is a workout tracking platform that includes a community of nearly 9 million members offering feedback, tips, and support to help members reach their fitness goals. 

The app (both mobile and web based), allows users to create their own customizable workout program, record workout times and progress, and analyze personal workout data to maximize results. 

The free version of the app offers a workout routine planner, training log tracker, body stat tracking, social community, and a library of more than 1300 exercises. 

For a small monthly fee, much less costly than a gym membership, users can omit ads, receive advanced training reports and programs, and compare stats with other friends and users. 

The Google Play Editorial Team describes the app as doing “everything but spot you.” 

8. Glo

Fitness isn’t just cardio and weights. Yoga and similar exercises promote increased flexibility and balance, improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, aid in weight loss, and increase muscle strength.

Glo is designed to improve your fitness, both body and mind, through yoga (and similar exercises). 

The app does not require wifi, offers daily classes, and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users alike.

While there are more than 4,000 classes available on demand for users, the app also personalizes your experience tailored to your level/style. 

And, yoga isn’t the only focus in the app as the classes offered also address stress, sleep, and general strength training. 

9. Zones For Training

It is estimated that more than 100 million people now wear/use an apple watch. So, while this app is specific for such users, that covers a lot of you! 

So, obviously, a drawback to this fitness app is that it’s apple watch user specific, but here’s what apple watch users can expect as far as its capabilities:

  • Real time intensity and heart rate monitoring during workouts
  • Data regarding your time spent in 4 different heart rate zones 
  • Workout data displaying in the Apple Health app
  • Heart rate training (see below for detailed description)
  • Provides fat burning “feedback”

The Zones For Training app is admittedly more for those experienced in their fitness endeavors, but for users, the heart rate zone method is highly effective at optimizing training (and therefore results). 

These 4 heart rate zones are used in the app:

  • Peak: to improve both performance and speed
  • Cardio: to improve endurance
  • Fat burn: aimed at forcing your body to use fat for energy
  • Warm up: to aid in preparation and recovery

The app takes the guesswork out of heart rate training making it easy for users (you won’t have to remember your heart rate zone while working out, the app does this for you), focusing on the four heart rate zones and their respective goals for fitness. 

Data is the primary focus here as the app does not provide actual workouts for users.

10. Daily Workouts

The Daily Workouts app is touted as the app providing the most bang for the user’s buck (or no buck if you only plan to use the free version).

The basic features of the app are free, providing users with workouts for all fitness levels and varying in length (time) for those with rushed schedules. 

Yoga workouts range from 20-60 minutes with video and audio instruction.

Other workouts range from 5-30 minutes and consist of arm, ab, butt, leg, cardio, and full body exercises. 

The app’s pro version offers pilates, stretch, ball and kettlebell workouts as well as greater customization.  

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