Unlocking Your Potential: How Strength Training Can Empower Women Both Physically and Mentally


It’s not that women don’t like the gym. It’s that many of them have been sold a false bill of goods with regard to resistance training. While this is less true than it was even five or ten years ago, many women still suffer under the delusion that the simple act of looking at a barbell will turn them into the Incredible Hulk.

This is unfortunate because strength training can empower women both physically and mentally. It’s also, generally speaking, a far better way to achieve the fitness goals of the average woman at the gym – yes, even those who just want to lose weight. 

Women would do well to take a second look at barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, progressive overload, and even muscle hypertrophy. The benefits cannot be overestimated.

Myths About Women and Weight Training


Let’s address some of the myths about women and weight training:

  • Weight training will not make you look “bulky” or unfeminine. 
  • Weight training can be done safely and is not dangerous.
  • Weight training is not difficult to understand or implement.
  • Weight training does not require any level of strength to get started.
  • Weight training is extremely helpful for weight loss and fat loss.
  • No one at the gym is going to make fun of you for “doing it wrong.”

We hope this has helped to dispel some of the anxieties and fears you might have about taking up weight training as a woman. Now let’s talk about the benefits of weight training for women.

Health Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

girl performs exercises using kettlebell

Weight training gets a bad rap in terms of health benefits, especially when compared to cardio. Most people, especially women, tend to think of “working out” and “getting fit” as being cardio-centric. However, weight training should be an integral part of any fitness routine. 

First, let’s talk about weight loss and fat loss. The jury is out, but at the very least there are some who argue that weight training is better for fat loss than cardio. That’s because weight training increases your basal metabolic rate leading to a higher total daily energy expenditure. What this means in plain terms is that weight training makes you lose more weight just sitting around when you’re not doing anything. 

Weight training also increases bone density, which is great for everyone but especially good for women. This is extra true if you have a history of osteoporosis in your family. The more bone density that you can acquire in your younger years the better, but it’s never too late to start growing or even just maintaining your bone density. 

Somewhat related to this, weight training improves posture, which is great for when you get older. A strong back can pay dividends over the course of your entire life. 

Finally, there are the mental health benefits. Weight training is great for mood regulation and increased confidence. It’s not just a subjective matter. Weight training actually releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel better. It’s science!

No matter how you slice it, weight training is an empowering activity for women. It allows you to claim control of your body and increase your strength. It’s also a means of asserting greater control over other areas of your life. You won’t have to rely on men when it comes to brawny tasks.

Don’t be afraid of weight training. Next time you’re at the gym hitting the treadmill take a look around and see how many women are pumping iron. You are far from alone. What’s more, the weight training community tends to be very supportive. So if you have any questions or need any guidance, you can find it online or at your local gym.

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