Cardio Before Resistance Training Or Vice Versa?


It’s an age-old question in the world of fitness: Cardio before resistance training or the other way around? 

Recent research indicates that starting with resistance exercise before aerobic exercise can moderately increase lower-body muscular strength. This finding can help fitness enthusiasts aiming to optimize their workout routines – provided that they have time to do both during the same day. 

Perhaps most importantly, this approach doesn’t compromise overall health-related physical fitness improvements. Indeed, it allows individuals to benefit from both resistance and aerobic exercises. Resistance and aerobic exercise are both essential for a well-rounded fitness routine. 

Thus, even in time-constrained scenarios, incorporating both forms of exercise is recommended, especially for those at risk of chronic diseases. This holistic approach, emphasizing cardiovascular health, is practical for busy schedules.

The interplay between resistance training and aerobic exercise extends to adherence and long-term sustainability. That is to say, the best way to order your workouts is however you are most likely to keep doing them over a long enough time period. If doing cardio before strength training just isn’t something you’re going to do, you should do it the other way around.  Thus, the order of exercise is a matter of personal preference and practicality. 

So while starting with resistance training will have some health benefits, this is entirely contingent upon your personal preferences. For those with no preference or a preference for doing strength training first, this is good news. However, for people who prefer to train cardio first – and who simply aren’t going to reverse this order with any consistency – the news is a big nothing burger.

Where do you fall on the great cardio or resistance training first debate? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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